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Nutrition with Shilpa

Clinical Nutrition Service for Digestive Health, Heart and Metabolic Health

The Functional Approach

A science based approach, functional nutrition focuses on using an understanding of your body’s unique biochemistry and physiology to ease your pain and improve your health. Using a functional approach, I work to alleviate not the health issue itself, but rather, the root causes, which can range from hormonal imbalances to nutrient deficiencies to toxin exposure. 


These underlying causes are unique to each individual and thus each nutrition plan is tailored to your changing needs. Based on a thorough assessment of your genetics, medical and nutritional history, environment, and lab work, I design sustainable nutrition plans to target both the root causes and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. 

The Process

Step 1:

Find the root cause of your health issue with the help of an in-depth evaluation and lab analysis. Get a nutrition and lifestyle protocol just made for you.

Step 2:

Reassess the health condition:

find out obstacles, modify nutrition and lifestyle plans, and keep working until we heal the body. 

Step 3:

Maintain your health with the skills and knowledge you acquired through out the healing process.

Renee C.

"I feel very fortunate to have found Shilpa. I have diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease. This makes finding a meal plan to address all three of these conditions complicated, as I must watch my intake of sodium, potassium, and protein, as well as sugar and carbohydrates. Shilpa has created a comprehensive diet for me that, with quality supplements, is helping to improve my conditions daily. I highly recommend her."
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