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Clinical Nutrition Consult

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Designed for those seeking help with their chronic illnesses and health conditions, this program alleviates the effects of the health issue(s) and improves overall body health.  Through a personalized nutrition plan, I support of variety of conditions including, but not limited to: 

  • Digestive: GERD, acid reflux, IBD, IBS, food sensitivities/intolerances, constipation, SIBO, gallbladder dysfunction, fatty liver

  • Heart: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, palpitations

  • Respiratory: allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, chronic mucus

  • Metabolic: hashimoto’s, diabetes

  • Brain: migraines, headache, depression, anxiety 

  • Skin: hives, eczema, psoriasis, acne 

  • Long term chronic inflammatory conditions of the kidney, skin, lungs, and joints

  • Immunological and recurrent infections

This program utilizes an in-depth assessment that considers past medical history/diet, labs, and lifestyle factors to devise a unique nutrition plan that will relieve your pain and give you a second chance to live your best life. 


A 10 day detox program, BodyTox enhances your body’s natural detoxification process. Detoxification is important in flushing out chemicals and toxins from the body and requires a variety of nutrients to occur properly. 

In today’s environment, everyone should detox as the heavy exposure to environmental toxins places an incredible amount of stress on our bodies, resulting in the development of many health issues. Those struggling from a poor diet, hormonal imbalances, joint pain, GI issues, chemical sensitivity, ongoing fatigue, muscle pain, obesity, and central nervous system issues (mood disorder, anxiety/depression, brain fog) will greatly benefit from this program. 

This program consists of the completion of a questionnaire and will provide detox specific diet and exercise recommendations.


Anti-Aging Consulting

As you age, your digestive system, metabolism, hormones, and physiology shifts, affecting the performance of your heart, bones, joints, and more. As your body undergoes these changes, it is important to provide it with the nutrients it needs to look and feel your best. 


The anti-aging program is designed to extend your health and well-being and aims to support your gut, heart, bones, joints, and most importantly, your changing metabolism. Adapting your diet to support your metabolism helps manage the two biggest culprits of aging: blood sugar and inflammation. 


This program utilizes an in-depth assessment that considers past medical history/diet, labs, and lifestyle factors to craft a personalized nutrition plan that supports the aging body and keeps you at your very best. 

Post COVID Nutrition Therapy

While many people recover from COVID-19, they can still suffer from symptoms that can lead to the rapid development of new health conditions. Commonly referred to as “long COVID”, it can be debilitating and prevent a person from resuming their normal life. 


Long COVID can affect various organs including the brain, the gut, and the cardiovascular system. Those with preexisting conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are at a higher risk of developing long COVID. 


One of the best ways of healing the body following long COVID is with a personalized nutrition plan that supports the gut microbiome, provides essential nutrients to the immune system, and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. 


This program utilizes an in-depth assessment that considers past medical history/diet and lab reports to design an individualized nutrition plan that supports the body after long COVID. 

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